The Covenants provide rules for all residents of our community.  All residents, owners, and tenants should be provided a copy of these covenants when moving in.  If you did not receive a copy, they can be downloaded below.  In addition to the covenants, city ordinances and rules of common courtesy help make our neighborhood a desired place to live.  If you have questions, Contact the HOA Board.

Download or View Covenants and other Legal Documents:

Annual Dues

City Ordinances and Laws:

Dogs and Pets Running Free?

Per Indiana State Law, dogs must always be on a leash when outdoors.

Soliciting and Door-to-Door Sales?

Not-for-profit groups can solicit in our community. Profit based companies and individuals may not sell in our neighborhood as we are a  “No Soliciting” community.

Common Courtesy, Tips, Guidelines, Issues, Eye Sores, Best Practices, etc:

Mailboxes and Posts

Darkness, Street Lamps, Yard Post Lamps, Entrance Lights

The neighborhood was designed with the intention that the lamp posts and/or coach lights would provide light for the neighborhood. Each home is equipped with automatic lights that come on when it is dark.  It is important for all homeowners to make sure their lights are working properly so all areas of the community are well lit.

What type of lights are best for outdoor fixtures?

Fluorescent, halogen, or LED bulbs will last longer than the standard incandescent.

Replacement Mail Boxes and Posts?

Owners are responsible to maintain and replace mailboxes and posts as needed. Menards and Lowe’s do not currently carry boxes or posts that match our neighborhood.  However, you can source them through Otto’s Streetscape Solutions ( 2449 E. Main St. Greenwood, IN 46143       (317)-882-8933

What color should I use to repaint my mailbox post so it’s consistent with all the other ones in the neighborhood?

Use “Manor Stone”, color code 347-4, Valspar American Tradition Satin House and Trim (Lowe’s).

Reminders for Residents and Tenants:

  • Trash & Trash Cans Placement – Keep out of sight, until Sunday/Monday for trash pickup.
  • Parking of Vehicles – Our streets are community streets and all ordinances of the City are applicable. Do not park your vehicle against the direction of traffic.  This causes congestion and danger to our children and other drivers.
  • Drainage of Sump Pumps, Pools, & Overwatering – Take care to discharge all water in designated sewer lines.  Do not allow contaminated water to be discharged into storm drains, yards, or easements.
  • Projects – Fill out an architectural form when planning your projects to ensure they are approved before you start. Read more here
  • Fences – If you have one , keep maintained.  Want one? Use a surveyor and follow all related covenants when installing (Section 5.15).
  • Observe speed limit and look out for kids.
  • Snow removal from streets is done by the city.  Shovel your sidewalks and driveways for your and your neighbor’s safety.
  • Storage Sheds – They are non-approved structures and prohibited in the covenants.
  • Lawn Care – it is your responsibility to maintain your lot.  Please mow and remove weeds in a timely manner so all residents can enjoy the beauty of our neighborhood.