News Regarding Beavers

If your property backs up to Cool Creek (Lucas Drive (North Side), Lucas Circle and Amberwood Court), please note… Nancey Thomas-Abbott (treasurer) has been notified by the Hamilton County Drainage Board that they have “contracted with Morelock Wildlife Control, 765-860-3991, to remove the beaver dams and their residents, and re-home them, as to not cause serious flooding to our properties and to maintain proper drainage of the regulated drains throughout the county for the benefit of everyone. This work will require the contractor to use the regulated drainage easement for access. ALL PERSONS AND THEIR ANIMALS SHALL STAY CLEAR OF THIS AREA DURING THIS TIME.” If you have any further questions you may contact me, Nancey Abbott, WCHOA Treasurer, 317-626-2070, or Stephen Baitz, Hamilton County, 317-776-8495.

Date of posting: 2-16-2018